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TitleFaan se trein
Plot Summary“Faan se Trein” is a story about a simple minded man living in a tiny Karoo community, and his love of trains. He lives with his aging father, Frik and their housekeeper Truia. The town is divided about Faan. Some feel threatened by him and push for him to be institutionalized, far away. Others feel he is harmless.

Things come to a head when Faan’s aged father, Frik, is awarded the contract to build the town dam only to fall terminally ill before the work is completed. The town Doctor, a man with a dark secret, and his young resentful wife Beatrice, visit Frik. It is then that Beatrice notices the valuable possessions in Frik’s house – all destined for either Faan or the church when Frik passes on. Beatrice, overcome by desire for Faan’s inheritance, sets upon a scheme of manipulation and seduction of Faan. After Frik passes away, this seduction nearly results in the loss of her life at the hands of Faan. Faan is locked up, destined for an institution until the townsfolk step in to save Faan.
GenreDrama, Afrikaans
Key Creative Team

Director: Koos Roets

Music: Nik Sakellarides

Lead Cast

Cast: Willie Esterhuizen, Deon Lotz, Marius Weyers, Nicola Hanekom, Anel Alexander, Cobus Rossouw, AJ van der Merwe

Film TypeFeature Films
Film StatusArchived Film
Production TypeSA Production
Funding StatusNon NFVF Funded