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TitleKom Haal My
Plot SummaryReinette Popplestone, nee Du Plessis, had her eyes removed as a baby, due to a genetic flaw that makes her susceptible to cancer. Responding to Reinette’s cries of ‘Kom haal my!’ each morning, Katrien, the servant’s granddaughter, acted as Reinette’s eyes on the farm, carrying her from place to place as they played each day. Slipping seamlessly from being the best of friends outside, to master and servant in the house, it was through Katrien that Reinette first began to piece together the puzzle of a society divided along lines she could not see –in which she was master, yet always outsider.

Packed off to boarding school at age five, Reinette has forever since been haunted by their friendship, searching for someone again to make being blind not matter. At age fifty, she adopted Rowan, a young, brown-skinned, and severely disabled child, whom she carries from place to place each day.
Now, the cancer that took her eyes, her breasts, and her natural son’s life, has returned in a major tumour that doctors describe as ‘morbid’. Faced with the ultimate destination, Reinette is on a quest to find Katrien, and the ghost of her childhood self, all the while battling cancer, and the need to find a home for her son.
The film is a unique collaboration between the filmmakers and Reinette, as she finally speaks back to a society that has always excluded her, and through our eyes, returns its gaze. As she searches for Katrien, returning to far flung corners of South Africa, we will visually document the emotional process of putting her aged body in the spaces of her childhood, whilst she confronts her past through the strong narrative voice of her writings, ranging from wry, to hilarious, to tragic. In parallel to this, we will observe Reinette, Rowan, and her family in their daily lives as the journey of the cancer unfolds.
GenreCreative documentary
Key Creative Team

Sarah Ping Nie Jones, Jean Meeran

Lead Cast

Reinette Popplestone

Film TypeDocumentaries
Film StatusIn Development
Production TypeSA Production
Funding StatusNFVF Funded