Filmmaking Overview

The South African Film industry is growing at a competitive rate. The industry competes internationally in areas such as providers of quality content, creative workmanship, and as a service region. South Africa has a long history of film production and is therefore among the oldest film industries in the world. Over the past ten years the industry has produced an array of award winning films, television series, documentaries and commercials. 

Some of the best local and international films to be shot in South Africa include: Yesterday, Tsotsi, UCarmen Ekhayelitsha, Hotel Rwanda, Catch a Fire, Lord of War, Blood Diamond, District 9 and Invictus. Co-production treaties continue to enhance South African collaboration with international production houses, exposing the local industry to global skills and standards.

South Africa’s creative crew has globally competitive talents and expertise. The industry’s visual effects specialists and animators are fast gaining recognition and add to the greater value of local expertise.

The local industry was also given a boost with the establishment of a R500 million film studio on just under 200ha of land in Cape Town. Along with private shareholders, The Cape Town Film Studios is supported by national, provincial and local governments enabling films to be made a significantly reduced rates which has attracted international filmmakers.

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