Festival Attendance

The South African film industry has had an official presence at the Cannes Film Festival since 1997 and has participated in major film festivals around the world since 2000.

This has raised the profile of South African film and TV content and by implication, the industry.

The NFVF provides funding to filmmakers to attend screenings of their work at selected international festivals and events and to attend international markets enabling them to pitch projects and gain financing to advance their productions.

Filmmakers benefit from international festivals as their attendance provides opportunities to:

  • Increase their networks of international contacts.
  • Conduct business along with international standards and develop strong business models for their companies.
  • Develop skills needed to operate within the international film environment.
  • Secure finance for projects
  • Get support for projects that have been invited to internationally recognised pitching forums or competitions.
  • Enhance the profile of their films and increase the international appeal.

To view the profiles of international festivals and markets that the NFVF participates in, click here.

Application Criteria

One or more of the following;

  • Attendance of a workshop
  • A screening of your project
  • Your film participating in the festival or marketing competition
  • Your film nominated for an award
  • You having been invited to participate in a panel discussion
  • Pitching your film

Required Documentation

  • A Synopsis, including detailed information about the format and genre.
  • A one to two – page letter of motivation. Pointing out what is unique about the film and any projected success the film may potentially have.
  • A document detailing the proposed target audience including demographics and psychographics.
  • A distribution plan, detailing how and where is the film going to be distributed, including but not limited to details of the broadcasters and streaming platforms, a timeline with release dates across platforms, territories, cities, theatres and screens and documentation from any theatrical exhibitor that confirms a projected initial release date.
  • A signed letter of intent from the distributor.
  • A detailed sales, distribution and marketing strategy.
  • A detailed marketing plan and budget.
  • An Audience Development Strategy.
  • A comprehensive Distribution / Exhibition Plan.
  • Copies of any existing articles or clippings about the project.
  • A detailed timeline, showing the projected return on investment for the NFVF.
  • A detailed timeline, showing the projected return on investment for the NFVF.
  • Film Publication Board Certificate
  • An updated CV for the Applicant.
  • Detailed profiles or CVs of the key creatives.
  • Company profile.
  • Certified copy of the applicant’s Identity document (certified within six months at the date of application).
  • The company’s registration document (if applying through a production company).
  • A bank account confirmation letter (Dated within three (3) months at the date of application).
  • The BBBEE certificate or the BBBEE affidavit, signed by a commissioner of Oaths (if applying through a production company).
  • The company’s tax clearance or tax compliance pin document (if applying through a production company).
  • The chain of title documentation for the project.


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