National Festivals and Markets

Our support to national festivals and markets

The NFVF provides funding to national festivals to grow markets for South African cinema, generate and interest and stimulate demand for South African films and give an opportunity to our audiences to see themselves and their stories in cinematic form. Festivals provide opportunities for filmmakers to increase their distribution channels as many potential South African audiences do not have access to cinemas. They also provide a crucial networking platform for members of the film industry.

Filmmaking workshops conducted during film festivals give community members the firsthand experience of making a short film during the time of the festival and watching it. The workshops make communities aware of the possibilities of filmmaking as a career and contributor to economic development.

The NFVF uses film festivals and markets, where appropriate, as platforms to communicate its strategy, policy and programmes and provide an opportunity for the industry to get an understanding of the NFVF as an institution.

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Additional Resources

Click on the links below to see the national festivals we support and roadshows we participate in. We also have videos from our In Conversation With series that happens during films festivals.

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National festivals we support

Videos from the In Conversation With series (discussions with film industry experts)