Festival Hosting

  • Provides opportunities for filmmakers to increase their distribution channels as many potential audiences do not have access to cinemas.
  • Provides platforms to communicate its strategy, policy, and programmes, while providing the industry with the chance to understand the NFVF as an institution.
  • Provide crucial networking platforms for the film industry.
  • Funding enables national festivals to grow markets for South African cinema, stimulating demand for local films and providing an opportunity for audiences to see their stories in cinematic form.
  • Filmmaking workshops during festivals give communities first-hand experience of making a short film and watching it.

Click on the links below to see the national festivals NDVF support and roadshows we participate in. We also have videos from our In Conversation With series that happens during film festivals

Who can apply?

South African companies that have sufficient educational qualifications and/or experience to host a film festival on time and on budget and is not in a breach of any existing contractual obligations with the organisation.

Required Documents

  • Any amounts already committed by sponsors or companies already approached for funding.
  • An audience development plan and strategy.
  • Research done to date on potential festival attendance.
  • An audited financial statement, showing budget versus actual expenditure from the latest previous festival.
  • A detail report on the previous festival that includes the screening schedule and a verifiable attendance register listing the total number of people attending the screening of each film and the overall impact of the festival.
  • An updated CV for the applicant.
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s South African Identity Document (Dated within six months at the date of application).
  • A certified copy of the company’s registration document if applying through a production company (dated within six months at the date of application).
  • The BBBEE certificate or the BBBEE affidavit, signed by a commissioner of Oath if applying through production company.
  • The company tax clearance certificate or tax compliance pin document from SARS if applying through a production company.
  • The most recent Audited company financial statement.
  • A bank account confirmation letter for an account that is “Ring-fenced” i.e. dedicated to festival business only (dated within three (3) months at the date of application).
  • A company profile including a detailed CV and profile of the festival director and his executive team.
  • Details of the skills transfer plan for festival employees. Indication the reoccurring and upskilled staff from the previous year and demonstrating the growth and or progression of staff where applicable. List each training beneficiary ‘s details (Name, ID number, gender, race, and skills acquired).

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Click on the link below to apply for Festival Hosting funding