Research Overview

Getting a better picture

of our film industry.

Research Overview

The NFVF conducts and commissions research regularly to inform policy and strategic decisions in the South African film industry to monitor challenges and opportunities within the industry.

Latest research show the industry has:

  • Excellent potential for growth;
  • Provides direct and indirect employment different sectors of the economy;
  • Contributes around R3.5-billion a year to the country’s economy;
  • Creates more than 25 000 jobs with an economic multiplier of 2.89;

Annual research focuses mainly on the local box office market and co-production activities arising out of co-production treaties with several countries. Trends on types of formats that are popular with audiences, local versus foreign market share and highest grossing films are monitored and analysed.

How does the NFVF contribute to policy and legislation?

  • Develops internal and external (industry) policies and guidelines
  • Certifies national films (official co-production treaties and certificates of nationality)
  • Negotiates and establishes partnership agreements for the NFVF with individuals, organisations and institutions

Research completed?
Over the years the NFVF has conducted research into the following areas of the local film industry:

  • Economic baseline study
  • Performance of films on the local exhibition space
  • Consumption of local films and audience preferences
  • Graduate absorption
  • Annual activity report on co-productions

To view our research reports, please click here.