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Call for National Bursary Applications for Film & Television Studies

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The National Film & Video Foundation (NFVF) is a statutory body mandated to spearhead the equitable growth and development of the SA film and video industry.

The NFVF’s bursary programme is aimed at stimulating and developing skills for applicants who want to enter the Film & TV industry. Individuals may apply for bursaries to support their full-time studies in television – or film-related studies at accredited tertiary institutions within South Africa, which offer a formal qualification such as a national diploma or degree.


All applicants must be registered or provisionally registered to study for a full-time undergraduate, or postgraduate qualification in a film or television discipline at an accredited South African tertiary institution.

An applicant must:

    • be a South African citizen;
    • have completed and passed matric
    • have a good academic record;
    • demonstrate a need for financial assistance;
    • be registered or provisionally registered to study for a full-time undergraduate, postgraduate diploma or degree in Film / TV disciplines at an accredited South African tertiary institution.

Compulsory Requirements

    • A complete online application form
    • Letter of acceptance from the institution or a letter of acknowledgment of their application.
    • A one-page letter of motivation (for tuition funding)
    • Certified ID Copy (Dated within six months of the application)
    • Certified copy of matric certificate or latest academic results (Dated within six months of the application)
    • Commitment letter for a bursary or loan from other sponsors/bank where applicable.
    • A total of breakdown of the total annual academic, fees required from the institution.
    • A certified copy of their Senior Certificate (Dated within six months of the application)
    • If the applicant is a minor and unemployed, he/she must provide the following:
      •  An affidavit stating the known / unknown whereabouts of the absent parent/s
      • Proof of social grant, if applicable.
      • Parents/guardian/partner’s proof of income (i.e., latest payslip, bank statement with a bank stamp or IRP   form).
      • A certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased parent/s (dated within six If the months of application).
        • If the applicant is not a minor (i.e., older than 21 years old), the applicant must provide proof of financial need (i.e., latest payslip, bank statement with a bank stamp or IRP form).

NB! All certified documents must be valid for 6 months from date of submission.

Selection Criteria:

    • Financial need – qualifying applicants under this criterion are people whose parent/s or guardian/s (if the Applicant is a minor) earn a combined income of less than R600 000 per annum
    • Academic performance – the applicant’s academic performance is rated based on their current or latest results or qualification; whichever one applies. For students who are already studying, an aggregate of 60% plus the satisfaction of a minimum pass rate to proceed to the next year of study must be fulfilled. (For matric learners, whose results are not available, the assessment will be based on the Applicant’s Grade 11 results or matric mid-year results, and approval is dependent on acceptance at a tertiary institution);
    • Motivation – the applicant must submit a detailed motivation for studying and its relevance to the applicant’s intended career aspirations;
    • Demographics – the applicant’s gender, race, disability, and home province are considered in accordance with the NFVF transformation objectives; and
    • Developmental mandate adherence – transformation considerations will be applied for each applicant i.e. gender, demographics, race, disability, and provincial location of the applicant.

Qualifying Expenses (and required documentation) – subject to the availability of funds

    • Full tuition fees (on a tertiary institution’s letterhead);
    • Accommodation and Meals – (proforma invoices and / or any supporting documents on institution or supplier letterhead)
    • Other Resources – e.g. textbook, computer, software – (proforma invoices and / or any supporting documents on institution or supplier letterhead)

Disclaimer: Please note that accommodation, meals and additional resources funding will be capped at R50 000 per annum, for all combined.  Funding for this costs is applicable only for first year students.

The apportioned amounts for accommodation, meals and other resources will be basic contributions towards the overall costs. They will be covered per semester for accommodation and meal allowance, while the textbook cost allocation will be determined by the course requirements.

Non Qualifying Expenses

● Travel expenses;


Any performing arts, acting, music, dancing, and any other course not falling to category of Film and TV.

NB! Preference will be given to students enrolled in South African public tertiary institutions.

How to apply

Complete an online national bursary application form available on our website: or 

Applications will not be considered if:

    • the application form is incomplete or wrong information is provided.
    • supporting documents are missing or not certified.
    • If it is for outstanding tertiary fees (owed tertiary fees)
    • Applications sent via fax or email will not be considered.

Submission Date : 28 June – 08 September 2023 at 17h00.

 For any queries regarding application process, please contact an Applications Officer: 

Thandekile Hlatshwayo 


Telephone: 011 483 0880 


Manti Sekwakwa Mmalebati


Telephone: 011 483 0880 


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