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Call for NFVF Documentary Slate Proposals 2020

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The National Film and Video Foundation (herein referred to as NFVF) is a statutory body set up by government to grow and develop the South African Film and Video industry. The NFVF would like to invite eligible production companies to submit proposals for the 3rd documentary slate funding. The slate funding will be administered over a period of three years.


Over the past years, the NFVF has awarded slate funding to production companies with the specific objective of cultivating sustainable and viable businesses. The initiative was developed out of best practice internationally and was rooted in the notion that when a small company is granted operating capital towards development and cornerstone financing for production over a predetermined period, a great deal of uncertainty is removed from running the business. In addition the company is expected to produce cinematic films with universals themes and global reach.


  • Cultivating sustainable and viable production companies.
  • Assisting production companies to identify and produce films that demonstrate audience awareness in the South African and international market.
  • Finding original ways of reaching audiences nationwide.
  • Increasing the marketing and export of South African film products to the global market.
  • Promoting greater cooperation between production companies and distribution companies.


The budget is capped at R4 500 000.00 million per slate and is disbursed over 3 years as follows:

  • R1 500 000.00 – for full development of 9 concepts with a 25% cap for overheads;
  • R3 000 000.00 – for the production of 3 films


  • 51% black owned and managed companies with a unique proposal.
  • Preference will be given to female owned companies.
  • Producer/s must be a South African citizen or be a permanent resident of South Africa.
  • Tier 2 Production Company. This is defined in the NFVF Funding Policy as “Filmmakers with limited experience in the film industry, but who have developed and produced at least 1-2 feature length films, television fiction and/or, 2-3 documentary short films seeking to venture into feature film or documentary development and production”.
  • Production company should demonstrate an understanding of packaging and marketing of feature films.
  • Production company that has a clear training and development strategy (an added advantage, not compulsory).
  • Producer or production company that has an established relationship with local distributors and/or international sales agents.



  • Previous recipients of NFVF funding in the following categories: animation slates, documentary slates, youth and female filmmaker project are NOT eligible for this fund.
  • Individuals and/or production companies that have 4 (four) active NFVF funded projects across the value chain i.e. development, production, post production, marketing and distribution, training and festival funding support.



  • Quality of the concept proposal
  • Capacity and capability of the company to deliver at accepted global standards.
  • Capacity to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Consistency of budgets and a detailed project plan (Concise plan for 3 years)
  • Distribution and marketing plan
  • Unique selling point in respect of sustainability and contribution to transformation in the industry.
  • Experience of creative team.


Proposal to include a minimum of three concepts. One of which needs to be fully developed and ready to go into production:

  • 1 fully developed project:
    • Research
    • Creative treatment
    •  and 5-10 minutes teaser.
  • CVs with career profiles of key creative team:
    • Producer, Director, Writer/Researcher, DOP and Editor
    • Directors Treatment (for the fully developed project)
    • Chain of title documentation including script, music etc. (for the fully developed project)
  • 2-page concept document outlining: (For all 3 concepts)
    • Synopsis
    • Logline
    • Genre
    • Target market
  • Summary budget with a finance and cash flow plan (3 years)
  • Recoupment plan
  • Development and production schedule (3 years)
  • Marketing and distribution strategy
  • Production Company’s experience and previous productions involved in.



  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • BBBEE Certificate
  • Certified ID copy (valid for 3 months)
  • Company registration documents

Failure to submit the abovementioned key and compulsory documentation will render the application incomplete and therefore disqualified.

Applications must be submitted via the NFVF application portal: click here

Application queries may be directed to Kindly email all content related queries to Yolanda Ncokotwana at

CLOSING DATE: 10 January 2020.

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