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Yellowbone Entertainment, an award-winning production company, in collaboration with the National Film & Video Foundation is calling for submissions for Year 2 of the NFVF Female Filmmaker Project.

Johannesburg, March 2024
Yellowbone Entertainment in collaboration with the National Film and Video Foundation and the SABC invites aspiring female filmmakers to apply for the NFVF Female Filmmaker Project, embodying our commitment to empowering historically underrepresented voices. Annually, we bring together ten talented women, fostering diversity and creativity within the film industry

Joining the project provides a rare opportunity for female filmmakers to advance their careers with mentorship, support, and professional training. Under our award-winning production company’s guidance, participants enhance their skills, connect with fellow filmmakers, and gain visibility through screenings and festivals. The Female Filmmaker Project is a pivotal resource for women aiming to elevate their careers in the dynamic world of filmmaking.

“At Yellowbone Entertainment, we strive to ignite female storytelling. Our mission is not just to showcase skills; it’s to spark a revolution. It’s time to wield your creativity, collaborate fiercely, and change the narrative. Let’s not just tell stories; let’s shape the future of cinema together.” – Layla Swart, MD, Yellowbone Entertainment.


The following requirements must be met in order for a filmmaker to be eligible for this opportunity:

  1. Possess at least two years of experience in the industry.
  2. Belong to a historically disadvantaged group as defined by the Constitution of South Africa.
  3. Be able to set aside the requisite time over a period of at least 9-months to complete the programme. There will be no stipend paid out to successful participants.

Note: This programme is exclusively for female filmmakers with some industry experience. Only fictional narrative scripts will be considered.


  1. All submissions must include the following documentation for consideration:
    1. Film Title
  • Genre
    • Scene Script
      • Craft a scene that encapsulates the essence of your film.
      • Ensure it reflects your chosen genre, mood, and storytelling style.
      • Highlight the characters and central themes that will define your narrative.
    • Film Treatment

Include the following elements in your film treatment:

  • Logline
    • Synopsis
    • Visual World of Story
    • Comparative Titles
  • A cover letter containing the following:
    • Who you are and why you are passionate about filmmaking
  • A motivation letter
    • Why you should be given a chance to make this film
  • Requisite submissions
    • An updated CV
    • Showreel in MP4 format (no bigger than 100mb)
    • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
    • Certified copy of ID document (no older than 3 months).

THE 2024 THEME: Theme: Love Is a Mystery

What does love mean to you? Is it a puzzle waiting to be solved, a journey into the unknown, or a secret whispered in the night? We encourage you to interpret the theme in the most creative and unexpected ways possible. Whether it’s a romance, a thriller that explores the darker facets of passion, or a comedy that finds humour in the absurdity of love, we’re eager to experience your unique perspective.


In the 2024 leg of the Female Filmmaker Project, we’re embarking on a journey to unravel the mysteries of love. Love is a multifaceted concept that defies easy explanation, and we’re inviting filmmakers to delve into its enigmatic depths through their unique lens. Whether it’s a romance that transcends time and space, a thriller that delves into the darker aspects of

passion, or a comedy that finds hilarity in the absurdities of love, we’re eager to explore the myriad interpretations of this timeless theme.

Key Concepts:

  1. Puzzle of Love: Is love a puzzle waiting to be solved? We invite filmmakers to conceptualise love as a complex enigma, where characters embark on a quest to unravel its mysteries. Perhaps our protagonists stumble upon a series of cryptic clues that lead them to discover the true nature of love, or maybe they find themselves lost in a labyrinth of emotions where every twist and turn reveals a new facet of this perplexing puzzle.
  2. Journey into the Unknown: Love often takes us on unexpected journeys, leading us into uncharted territory where anything is possible. Through this concept, filmmakers have the opportunity to explore love as an adventure into the unknown, where characters venture into unexplored realms of the heart in search of connection, meaning, and understanding. Whether it’s a chance encounter that changes the course of their lives or a daring quest to find true love in the most unlikely of places, the possibilities are endless.
  3. Secret Whispers in the Night: Love is often shrouded in secrecy, with whispered confessions and hidden desires fuelling the flames of passion. In this concept, filmmakers can delve into the clandestine world of love, where secrets lurk in the shadows and forbidden desires simmer beneath the surface. Perhaps our protagonists find themselves entangled in a web of deceit and betrayal, where uncovering the truth means risking everything they hold dear. Or maybe they stumble upon a long-forgotten secret that threatens to tear their world apart, forcing them to confront the harsh realities of love in all its complexity.

Overall, we’re seeking bold and imaginative interpretations of the theme “Love Is a Mystery” that push the boundaries of storytelling and challenge conventional notions of romance.

Whether it’s a tale of star-crossed lovers, a gripping thriller, or a side-splitting comedy, we’re excited to see how filmmakers bring their unique perspective to this timeless theme. Let’s unravel the mysteries of love together and create cinematic experiences that resonate with audiences around the world.


Candidates must meet the following requirements to be considered for the project:

Have a strongly written concept for a 24-minute stand-alone film with a clearly thought out premise or controlling idea that would allow it to be packaged with other projects under the theme, Theme: Love Is a Mystery

  • Preference will be given to marginalised indigenous language proposals.
    • Demonstrate familiarity with the tools of scriptwriting including taking feedback, as well as understanding that aspects of their original story might change for the purposes of producing the script
    • Be willing to meet the demands of the film industry and be present for every training and workshop.
    • Demonstrate a willingness and ability to work as a part of a team in the pursuit of the same objective.
    • Understand the value of and is able to work under pressure and tight schedules.

NB: Writers will be expected to pitch at the production stage to assess capability to direct a film. Only the 10 best candidates will then be selected to direct.


Following the successful submission of your Female Filmmaker Project application, here are the next steps to ensure a seamless process:

1.     Application Review:

  • Our team will meticulously review each application to ensure all necessary documents and information are provided.

2.     Initial Screening:

  • After the review, we will conduct an initial screening to shortlist candidates based on their qualifications and alignment with the project’s objectives.

3.     Interviews:

  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interviews to delve deeper into their vision, experience, and commitment to the project. Prepare to discuss your film concept and aspirations.

4.     Notification:

  • Once the interview process concludes, successful candidates will be notified via email. We aim to complete this phase promptly.

5.     Project Kick-off Meeting:

  • Successful applicants will be invited to a project kick-off meeting where we’ll discuss the project timeline, expectations, and answer any queries you may have.

6.     Collaboration and Mentorship:

  • Embrace the opportunity to collaborate with mentors and fellow filmmakers throughout the project. This is a unique chance for growth and learning.

7.     Project Execution:

  • With all preparations in place, we’ll move forward with the execution of your film project. Regular check-ins and support will be provided.

In the spirit of filmmaking, here’s a quote to inspire your creative journey: “Every film is a journey into the unknown. Embrace the adventure.”

Interested filmmakers can submit their applications to Apply

To avoid automatic disqualification, applicants must ensure that all required documents are submitted by, Sunday, 31 March 2024, 00h00 (Midnight)

For questions related to applications, contact:

For media requests, contact: Neo Moretlwe

Chief Communications Officer Yellowbone Entertainment


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