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30 November 2016: The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), an Agency of the Department of Arts and Culture has commissioned Urban Econ Development Economists to conduct research on the Economic Impact of the South African Film Industry on the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over a three year period (2013 – 2015).

The purpose of the study is not limited to investigating the overall economic impact, but to also provide accurate and current data on the state of the industry and create a strategic focus toward developing the South African film and video industry.

A similar study, published in 2013, highlighted the following key findings:

  • The South African film industry contributed R3.5 billion to South Africa’s GDP (both direct and indirect spend).
  • The industry created over 25 175 FTE jobs.
  • It earned over R670 million towards the South African GDP.
  • The industry encompassed over 2 500 direct service providers.
  • It delivered an economic multiplier of 2.89, i.e. for every R1 spent in the industry, another R1.89 was generated within the South African economy.

The scope of the new study includes:


  • A full value chain analysis of the film industry – development, production, post production and distribution.
  • Definitions of films – feature films, documentaries, TV series (including broadcaster commissions), TV films (including broadcast commissions), animation series, films and shots (films, documentaries, animation).
  • Looking at films produced during the period 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2015.
  • Legitimate film distribution across traditional and new distribution platforms.
  • Films that are either completely or partially produced in South Africa, including foreign films that have been shot and/or post produced in South Africa in so far as it relates to the Qualifying South African Expenditure.
  • A 3 year analysis of the following indicators:
    • Size of the industry – contribution to GDP.
    • Number of companies that are doing business in the industry.
    • Number of individuals employed in the industry (permanent employees and freelancers).
    • Direct and indirect taxes paid by the industry.
    • Economic multiplier.

NFVF CEO, Ms Zama Mkosi, believes that the research will help create an understanding of the business of film in South Africa and prove the industry as a lucrative contributor to the GDP and hopefully attract more investors. “The NFVF aims to give a true reflection of the film and audio visual industry through the Economic Impact of the South African Film Industry Research, and to ensure strategies and programs that are responsive and effective as well as to identify audience trends with a specific focus on local content.”

The research methodology will be both quantitative and qualitative using primary and secondary data collection methods. Results from the research will be published in 2017 and for more information on the project, please contact Mr Tsietsi Themane,

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