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Invitation to submit Documentary Proposals for The Next 25 Years of Democracy 2019

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The National Film and Video Foundation Invitation to submit Documentary Proposals for The Next 25 Years of Democracy 

The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture, was mandated to ensure the equitable growth of the South African film and video industry. The NFVF does this by providing funding for the development, production, marketing and distribution of films and also the training and development of filmmakers. In addition, the NFVF commissions research and produces industry statistics that provide both the public and stakeholders with valuable insights into the South African film industry.

In fulfilling this mandate, the NFVF would like to invite eligible production companies to submit proposals under the theme: “ The Next 25 Years of Democracy”.


“…One makes a mistake to believe that you can just forge ahead without having a clear understanding of the journey that we have all travelled. In this country, we have travelled different journeys. We have to take a moment to share our journeys and share our experiences because we don’t have a perfect past; we aspire to have a perfect future…”     Leon Wessels 

This year marks the 25th year of democracy in South Africa and the NFVF will be commissioning four companies to produce one documentary each, to celebrate our achievements as a nation.  Reflecting on some of the defining moments that shaped us over the past two decades. The NFVF is looking for fully developed projects that create deep and lasting impressions through a fascinating story, character/s, or cinematic approach.

Documentaries have often been praised for their ability to reflect, enlighten, transform, provoke, and mobilise. With this in mind, the NFVF is looking for contemporary concepts that are solutions driven and reimagine the next 25 years of democracy in SA.

Terms of Reference:

The call seeks to award funding to the value of R750, 000 (Seven Hundred Thousand Rand only) funding for the production of one 48-minute documentary in keeping with the theme of “The next 25 Years of Democracy“.

The proposals must demonstrate the preservation of our history, and most importantly provide solutions to the next generation through a strong premise, critical thinking, and competing views.

Proposals must have a clear central idea, captivating and compelling story, inspiring character/s, a bold visual style and accurate representation of our nation.

The film that is produced out of this initiative will have to meet the NFVF’s requirements for content that informs, educates, entertains and offers unique perspectives of South Africa’s of South African’s young democracy.

Selection Criteria for Projects

All proposals must have:

  • A strongly written concept for a stand-alone film with a clearly thought out premise or controlling idea;
  • Concepts that aim for objectivity, while still presenting a clear point of view;
  • The length of the film should be 48 minutes with the potential for a feature-length;
  • The film must have completed development or be in the early stages of pre-production in order to meet the deadline for September 2019 screenings/broadcast;
  • Knowledge of target audience;
  • Strong distribution potential both locally and internationally The producer must have the ability to deliver on a realistic budget and have the ability to manage the budget;
  • The content must appeal to local and global audiences;
  • The producer must demonstrate a plan to complete and deliver the project by  2019;
  • The Film should not focus on profiling a specific political figure;
  • Applying company must be tier 1 or 2 with a proven track record.


In order for a production company to be considered for this opportunity, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Producer/s must be either a South African citizen or be a permanent resident of South Africa.
  • Preference will be given to female-owned companies.
  • 51% black-owned and managed companies with a unique proposal.
  • Tier 1/2 Production Company. This is defined in the NFVF Funding Policy as:
  • Tier 1 (Experienced filmmakers who have a proven track record for developing and producing 3-5 feature-length documentary films.)
  • Tier 2 (Filmmakers with limited experience in the film industry, but who have developed and produced 1-2 feature-length films, television fiction and/or, 2-3 documentary short films seeking to venture into feature film development and production)
  • Production company should demonstrate an understanding of packaging and marketing of documentary films.
  • Producer or Production Company to have established relationships with local distributor/s and/or international sales agent/s. 

Who Does Not Qualify

  • Previous recipients of NFVF slate funding including animation slate, documentary slates, youth and female filmmaker project are NOT eligible for this fund.
  • Individuals and/or Production Companies that have 4 (four) active NFVF funded projects across the value chain i.e. development, production, post-production, marketing and distribution, training and festival funding support.

Key Requirement

All applications must include:

  • 1-page synopsis
  • Visual Treatment
  • Detailed outline
  • Character bible/s
  • Consent forms (compulsory requirement)
  • CVs of the key creative team (Producer, Director, Writer, DOP editors) with showreel/portfolio of work
  • Budget and Proposed production schedule
  • Finance and recoupment plan (if the budget exceeds the allocated amount)
  • Marketing and distribution strategy and plan.
  • Chain of title documentation
  • Archive list (if applicable)
  • Compulsory Requirements
  • All applicants must submit the following compulsory documentation:
  • BBBEE certificate;
  • Original valid tax clearance certificate (valid for 3 months)
  • Certified ID copy (valid for 3 months)
  • Company registration document


Failure to submit the above-mentioned key and compulsory documentation will render the application incomplete and therefore disqualified.

All applications must be submitted via the NFVF application portal: click here. Application queries may be directed to

Kindly email all content related queries to Yolanda Ncokotwana at

CLOSING DATE: 17 February 2019

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