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NFVF aims for a more inclusive approach

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Media Statement
*For Immediate Release*​
                                             ​NFVF aims for a more inclusive approach
The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is embarking on a new outreach programme to strengthen its relationship with South African filmmakers.
“We want to increase the industry’s understanding of our work, and build our own understanding of the challenges faced by filmmakers, so we’re looking at a two-way conversation,” NFVF CEO Zama Mkosi said during the Durban International Film Festival.
“We want to ensure that the film industry understands why we do what we do, and at the same time ensure we better understand the challenges they face.”
“The environment has changed significantly since the NFVF was formed, and we want to ensure that we’re all working in the same direction when it comes to finding solutions for now and the future especially as we lead towards the 5th Film Indaba in November 2017.”
Mkosi will be scaling up the NFVF’s capacity to interact with the industry on a structured basis, and the Foundation will be running a series of road shows around the country to provide a platform for film-makers to speak out but also to share critical information to empower filmmakers to access the services offered by the Foundation.
“We can’t ignore the recent criticism of our funding model, for example, so we’re embarking on a structured process to explain our strategy and processes, and find ways of increasing the impact of our funding and our marketing capacity,” Mkosi said.
“As it was evident during the Foundation’s industry engagement sessions at the Durban International Film Festival, the South African film industry is vibrant, and we have to ensure it continues that way towards sustainability and viability.”
Contact person:
Peter Kwele
Head Marketing and Communications
Tel: 011 483 0880
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