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SAFTA’s call for Overall Judging Chairpersons Nominations

By 29 June 2021No Comments

SAFTA’s call for Overall Judging Chairpersons Nominations

The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), an agency of the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture and custodian of the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA’s) extends a call to the South African Film and Television industry to nominate two individuals who will act in the capacity of Overall Judging Chairpersons of the Judging Committee.

The SAFTA’s Overall Judging Chairpersons will be tasked with the enormous responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the SAFTA’s judging process and ensuring that the necessary deliberations, by all members of the judging panel are conducted in accordance with the highest Film and Television awards standards. The nominated individuals will also need to ensure that jury members carry out their mandate with distinction and are fully engaged in the judging process.

The Overall Judging Chairpersons will also be responsible for all procedural matters and ensuring that the rules set out in the judging guidelines are adhered to.

Please note the following in relation to the Overall Chairpersons of the Judging Committee:

  1. The Overall Chairpersons must have the relevant experience, ability, integrity and are preferably not involved in any productions as producers.
  2. The Overall Chairpersons will be the designated authority over the judging process.
    1. The Overall Chairpersons and Deputy Chairperson of the Judging Committee will not take part in the judging process as judges. The Overall Chairpersons role is to arbitrate when interpretation is in dispute. Similarly, no member of the SAFTA’s Planning Committee will be a member of the jury.
    2. The decision of the Overall Chairpersons on any ruling in relation to the judging process is final.
    3. The Judging Panels chairpersons report into the Overall Chairpersons.
    4. The Overall Chairpersons will convene meetings of the judging panels as and when required.
    5. The Overall Chairpersons will guide the panels on their roles and responsibilities.
      1. The Overall Chairpersons will ensure that the judging rules and regulations are adhered to by the judges.
      2. The Overall Chairpersons term of service is for three consecutive years to allow for continuity of the processes.

All nominations must include a profile of the person being nominated accompanied with a copy of their CV and must be submitted to by the 14th of October 2019.


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