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The Emerging Black Filmmakers Transformation Fund (EBFTF) Partnership Renewal

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Press Release 

*For Immediate Release*

The Emerging Black Filmmakers Transformation Fund (EBFTF) Partnership Renewal

The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture, which was created to ensure the equitable growth of the South African film and video industry has resigned the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) for the EBFTF.

EBFTF will focus on emerging filmmakers, which are filmmakers with limited experience but who have developed and produced 1-2 feature films, television fiction or documentaries for theatrical release or television broadcast. Alternatively, filmmakers who have produced 2-3 short films or 2-3 commercials seeking to venture into feature film development and production. Preference will be given to emerging young filmmakers and women filmmakers.

The NFVF will contribute R1 400 000 in the form of a subordinated loan towards the production budget of each approved EBFTF film, with R200 000 earmarked for development and R1 200 000 for production.

In addition, the NFVF will ensure that the Projects are exposed to local and international markets. The NFVF will also be responsible for the managing the entire creative process.

The IDC will provide gap funding loan towards the production budget of each approved film. Subject to the terms and conditions of each institution.

The DTI will contribute R2 613 000 in the form a DTI EBFTF Rebate with R1 568 000 as a Rebate and R1 045 000 towards the production budget of each approved EBFTF film.

The criteria for funding is as follows:

Black filmmakers are requested to submit proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Budget capped at R6 million (which includes R500 000 for marketing costs)
  • Filmmakers must be black South African citizens
  • The films must be commercially viable and demonstrate creative merit
  • Films must be at the level of theatrical release
  • The cast must be South African citizens
  • Compliance with the DTI South African Emerging Black Filmmakers Incentive (Refer to DTI website for detailed criteria)
  • Rights (All incl. film, merchandise etc.)
    • Preference will be given to 100% black-owned companies.
    • Shareholding and IP must be 75% or more black-owned.
    • Where the producer is Black, but not emerging (5 feature films) – then the black director must own at least 50% of the film rights.

The call for funding will close on the 4th October 2018

All interested filmmakers can apply through the NFVF online application system that can be accessed through the following link:

“Through the Emerging Black Filmmakers Transformation Fund, we are able to increase the number of South African films produced as well as increase the number of  Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDIs) producing them. We firmly believe this initiative will boost the local film industry, ensuring that emerging black filmmakers and producers create compelling and relative content for local audience consumption. ”- NFVF Acting CEO, Mr. Shadrack Bokaba

View the call by visiting:

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