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The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) Call for Festival Hosting Cycle 1 FY 2023/24 Is Open.

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The NFVF, an agency of the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture has released the call for applicants to submit applications for festival hosting cycle 1 FY 2023/24.:

Opening date for submissions:     17 January 2023

Closing date for submissions:       9 February 2023

Individuals, companies, and organisations may submit funding applications to the NFVF for festival hosting. It is important for applicants to take careful note of the funding conditions before applying.

Applicants need to register and complete the online application form using the following link:

Please take note of the following disclaimers:

  1. Tier yourself accordingly.
  2. Carefully read the definitions of the subcategories before selecting.
  3. It is advisable that the main applicant applies instead of using a 3rd party to apply on their behalf.
  4. Only recently certified documents will be accepted.
  5. Only valid documents will be allowed (NOT EXPIRED)
  6. Applications that do not meet compliance will be disqualified.
  7. We do not take application documents after the closing date and time of the application.
  8. Ensure that you click the submit button and receive the confirmation email for your application submission from the system, If the confirmation email is not received, it means that application did not go through. This should be communicated with the NFVF within the submission period, unfortunately the NFVF will not assist with this query after the closing date of the call.

Eligibility: Festival Hosting

Tier 1: Established film festivals which should ideally have been in operation for more than ten (10) years and be able to show that they attract funding from multiple sources.

Tier 2: Intermediate film festivals which have been in operation for more than five (5) years and less than ten (10) years.

Tier 3: Emerging film festivals which have been in operation for more than two (2) years and less five (5) years.

Documentation and Information Required:

  • A synopsis describing why the festival is unique and what the planned effect of holding the festival is.
  • A project outline and timeline.
  • A one to two – page letter of motivation (Must indicate the aims and objectives of the festival, how they will achieve a return on investment, and the benefits to the local film industry and filmmakers attending the festival).
  • A detailed festival plan and programme, including a proposed screening schedule (listing the names of films, dates, times, and venues of screenings).
  • A detailed festival budget.
  • A document detailing the proposed target audience – including demographics and psychographics.
  • The names of companies already approached for funding.
  • Any amounts already committed by sponsors or companies already approached for funding.
  • An audience development plan and strategy.
  • Research done to date on potential festival attendance.
  • An audited financial statement, showing budget versus actual expenditure from the latest previous festival.
  • A detail report on the previous festival that includes the screening schedule and a verifiable attendance register listing the total number of people attending the screening of each film and the overall impact of the festival.
  • An updated CV for the applicant.
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s South African Identity Document (Dated within six months at the date of application).
  • Film Publication Board Certificate
  • A certified copy of the company’s registration document if applying through a production company (dated within six months at the date of application).
  • The BBBEE certificate or the BBBEE affidavit, signed by a commissioner of Oath if applying through production company.
  • The company tax clearance certificate or tax compliance pin document from SARS if applying through a production company.
  • The most recent Audited company financial statement.
  • A bank account confirmation letter for an account that is “Ring-fenced” i.e. dedicated to festival business only (dated within three (3) months at the date of application).
  • A company profile including a detailed CV and profile of the festival director and his executive team.
  • Details of the skills transfer plan for festival employees. Indication the reoccurring and upskilled staff from the previous year and demonstrating the growth and or progression of staff where applicable. List each training beneficiary ‘s details (Name, ID number, gender, race, and skills acquired).

Please note that no late applications will be accepted.

For any queries regarding applications please contact Application officers:

Thandekile Hlatshwayo



Manti Sekwakwa


Telephone: 011 483 0880

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